A couple of cheeky verses which I wrote in a mail to one of my crime colleague.


The tides are high,
High are our hopes and desires,
Many unsaid instances I expect,
So many would you.
Things are better unsaid,
and best done.
We’ll sail till the end,
Its true, ending’s never happy,
We’ll end when we are happy…….
So, shall we sail till the end?

Room No. 341

A small piece based on my life in a hostel’s single room, numbered 341.

Just a room for
the classic rock beats
and the roller coasting seats,
the heavy bass
and cheery rhythm,
the sessions of solos
and the solos of sessions,

Just a room for
jumbling together assorted spices
and stumbling with scattered pieces,

Just a room for
the smokes to turn into ashes
and cash that turn into elixir and stashes.

Just a room for
the huge dreams
and endless thoughts,
the exquisitely simple designs
and no ways of their outcomes.

Just a room for
sitting alone and laying together,
standing alone and staring together,
burying milestones that count.

Just a room with
bull’s eye on the head
and cat’s eye on the ear.

All in all its just a room,
Is it enough or is it sufficient?
Is it a need or just the end?

Those Two Months!!!

These verses long back from sophomore-junior year transition when I had a major “Intern-slip”.

Its just two and a half that did the job,
standing, still, stark naked,
shivering shower with twinkling firebugs,
define my state of bleak.

Its just two and a half that did the job,
sitting, stiller, half peeled me,
with mushy eggs, crunchy chips and flat fret boards,
sound my bleak state to reality.

Its just two and a half that did the job,
the next day came after a week
with some smokes that made me weak
but still couldn’t light for my own.

Its just two and a half that did the job
A Diarum Black after a liter of water as luncheon,
endless was “The Rain Song”,
It was a call from my mom,
I tapped the ashes to find my lit Black gone,
Solitude, alone.

Its just two and a half that did the job,
Its just those two months and that’s all.