W- “Hello, how are you?”

M- “Howdy!!! Well, I am great, thank you.”

W- “How old are you Mr. Mustang and where are you from?”

M- “Age as digits is just an illusion, *whispering* just remember erectile dysfunction, if you still believe in that myth!!!”
“I am 24 without ‘it’.”
“Jabalpur, a small city at the geographic center of both M.P and India, and I am going to write lots and lots about it, places nearby, things I love to do and experiences, everything from my perception which Mr.Google does not provide.”

W- “I sensed a change from witty sarcasm to some sensible thoughtful talks.”

M- “Strangely evident!!!”

W- “What else do you have in your box?”

M- “Correction, I call it “Black Box”. Its an imaginary box with all the outta-box, at least that’s what I like to think, secrets, emotions, photography, music and ideas that are being processed since long back.”

W- “That sounds surreptitious!!!”
“How did you learn to play guitar?”

M- “Mr. W, the name ‘The Furtive Mustang’ is purposefully meant to portray it.”
“How do you know this!!! You are creepy.”
“Well, I love doing things myself and my way. And so I learned it myself through the help of Mr. Google and Mr. YouTube and the rock and blues genre intrigues me.”

W- “This implicates we are going to have lots of music related articles, write ups on places, ideas, and stuff. What’s it with poetry?”

M- “Didn’t I mention, everything will be in verses!!!” :p

Mr.M is me while Mr.W is WordPress. *bliss*


I hope you got to know about me as li’l as I meant and that you enjoy the blog. Any comments and thoughts are always cherished with appreciation.
Thanks a ton!!!

P.S.: All the photographs used anywhere in this blog are work of my capture, explicitly raw and unedited, and if not, I will be courteous with courtesy for sure.



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